Account Opening

The Bancorp is excited to introduce TALEA®, our new loan automation platform that improves the origination and delivery of the Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC).

TALEA (ta•LAY•a) is a portal to the future of wealth lending services, and The Bancorp is pleased to bring this premier solution to our valued partners and their advisor networks.

In Case You Missed It 
The TALEA User Experience webinar, presented by The Bancorp, is now available for replay at Learn how TALEA helps you work smarter and faster when creating new loan packages for your clients.

To access TALEA, use the single sign-on-enabled link available on your advisor home page.  TALEA is for new applications only.  For modifications to an existing SBLOC, complete a Change in Terms form.

To create a paper Application in TALEA, login to TALEA, enter your credentials and follow the prompts.  The Document Completion section is where you will choose how the loan package will be completed and delivered.  The loan package may be saved in PDF format for you to deliver to your clients.

Highlights of the Talea process flow:

  • The financial professional/admin initiates the loan via TALEA, and the financial professional /admin/client completes questionnaire process.
  • The Bancorp receives, via DocuSign, the loan application/document package from the client with the client signatures.
  • The loan application/document package is the standard TALEA package with the addition of the LPL Loan Request Form (LRF).
  • For each LPL investment account number being pledged, there will be a separate ACA and LPL Loan Request Form.
  • The Bancorp will start the underwriting process, extract each LPL Loan Request Form and email it to LPL (
  • LPL confirms the advisor has completed the required SBLOC training, the LPL Supervision team reviews the LPL Loan Request Form.
  • LPL emails The Bancorp when the Supervision team has approved the LPL Loan Request Form.
  • Authorized signers at The Bancorp add their signatures to each ACA, The Bancorp adds the authorized LPL signature and sends via DocuSign the entire loan application/document package to LPL (
  • LPL pledges the investment account(s) to The Bancorp and, via DocuSign, acknowledges each ACA and returns the completed loan application/document package to The Bancorp.
  • The Bancorp will receive the investment account in the ‘Collateral’ file the day after the ACA is acknowledged.
  • The Bancorp will complete the underwriting process and book the loan.
  • Your client will then receive two Welcome letters/emails with a password and user ID (separated for security reasons) and detailed instructions for logging into
  • If checks were chosen at the time of application, checks will arrive in the mail within 7-14 business days. Bancorp provides free standard check orders and reorders (single or duplicate checks.) If another style of checks is ordered, Bancorp will provide a $15 courtesy discount.

  • After a loan is established, statements are produced monthly.  Click here to see a sample.